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The Mini Bento

 A stunning way to store your papers and flower. The Mini Bento is fabricated individually by hand and painstakingly finished to produce an art piece that you can proudly display in your home.  100 Year old repurposed White Oak is used in our model shown here.  We offer a selection of ethically sourced woods to choose from.  Using White Oak is a joy. An extremely tight grained and hard wood , it will last a lifetime. Approximately 30 coats of poly varnish have been carefully applied, brining out the subtle grain of this great piece. Red velvet lined pockets protect the brass instruments inside. Available in Gold, Iridium, Silver, Nickel Plate.
This wood is in very limited supply. Please contact us to fully customize your very own mini Bento.

Shown in Solid Brass and Wood, Acrylic end caps

This is a made to order item. Allow 4-6 weeks to shipping.

Please contact us for pricing.

The photos showcase our prototype in white Oak and Brass. A selection of Ethically sourced woods are avaiable.

WE Love this Wood….)

Each Mini Bento starts with a raw blank of White Oak, machined to shape and then hand finished. 8 rare earth magnets are imbedded as part of the closing mechanism, providing ideal pull. Included in the Mini Bento are paper dispenser, 2 1/2″ Brass pipe,, cleaning tool, as well as a airtight storage container to keep your flower fresh.

The Mini Bento Includes :

Paper Dispenser

Brass Pipe

Cleaning Tool

Air Tight Storage Container

"An elegant way to store everything you need - warm to the touch and flawless."

You can never take too much care over the choice of your sunglasses and jewlery.