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About Us

Fine Cannabis Accessories Made in the GTA - We are Toronto Smoking Club.

Cannabis Accessories expertly made, with pride. Each piece unique, and expertly crafted.

We listen to you. Got a suggestion to make our products better. Tell US.

Cannabis Accessories available online now and at select dispensaries in the Toronto Area.

Cannabis + Accessories + Design + Fun

Toronto Smoking Clubâ„¢ is a design and manufacturing concern that creates stunning and unique cannabis smoking and cannabis storage accessories for the discerning cannabis consumer. Our designs are simple, functional and look good on your shelf. Each piece is hand crafted and finished to a high standard of care. All Toronto Smoking Club products come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Founded in 2018, we are now producing the highest quality cannabis smoking accessories to North American markets. Our line of Cannabis accessories includes, Pipes, Water Pipes, Storage, Tools and Unique Boutique Items.

You may find us in select retailers across Canada.


Learn more about Toronto Smoking Clubâ„¢ and all our latest Crafted Cannabis Accessories. Send us a note - tell us what we can offer you. We are always open to collaborations.

Our mini water pipe is small, fits in any pocket and is made to the highest tolerance.

TSC Design Team

The Black Walnut 1 Hitter and all our wood products are made from reclaimed or ethically sourced wood.

TSC Design Team

Quality made - easy to clean. Made from virgin brass, engineered to the highest tolerance.

TSC Design Team

You can never take too much care over the choice of your sunglasses and jewlery.