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The Grapefruit Grinder

We live for special commissions and unique projects. So we created the Grapefruit Herb Grinder, as it‘s about the size of a large grapefruit. This unique showpiece is so stunning, you will want to put it on display.

Embedded with 36 wafer thin Rare Earth Magnets – gives the Grapefruit Grinder a nice heft while providing a nice pull

The Grapefruit grinder can be ordered to your exacting specifications, choosing from our large selection of exotic wood and finishes.

Available in Gold, Iridium, Silver, Nickel Plate as well as Polished Brass.

This is a special order item, allow 4-6 weeks delivery.

The photos showcase our prototype in Mahogany and Brass and may show slight imperfections due to our manufacturing process. Your order will be custom made using an improved production process. But still, all made here in Toronto, Canada.

Cut from 1/2″ Plate Virgin Brass

Our prototype required a “special” sized inner workings so we made them from the ground up with an original gear tooth design that added heft and ellegance to the metal elements. All metal used in our orders will include options for Gold, Silver, Iridium, and Nickel Plating. Shown below – Brass after initial finishing.

"A pleasure to make - brings a smile to everyone who touches it."

This is a special order item, allow 4-6 weeks delivery.

Please contact for pricing.

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